Create Great Music.

Inspired by emerging artists, MintStudio was created with the notion that good music should be easy to create. We are designed to give you a professional sound at the highest level of simplicity and at lower costs than alternatives.


What's happening in MintStudio?

MintStudio does what a producer does.  We go through the same steps and make the same decisions to emulate their sound and replicate their process. Our goal is to get every musician access to professional sound in the simplest way possible. MintStudio is simply a stepping stone in your journey.

Our AI analyzes your soundtrack in multiple ways so it can understand what improvements to make. It's also learning and improves with each soundtrack it analyzes.

Step 1:
The Soundtrack

We analyze the soundtrack to understand what can be improved.

Step 2:
Sound Creation

Create the right sound for your track by applying dynamic professional plugins.

Step 3:
All the decisions

Control that sound so that it brings out the very best in your music.


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