Your Very Own Music Studio

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The Pocket Studio

Inside MintStudio you can create music and apply studio sound filters to your music to get a professional sound- in minutes.

Step 1

Record videos or soundtracks.

Step 2

Apply a sound filter to your recording. Our studio filters are built alongside producers and it's one click and done.

Step 3

Share your music on TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud or other streaming and social platforms.
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The Industry Response

The Take Aways

The quickest way to get a quality sound applied to your music.
Ben C. - Los Angeles, CA
It's like having your own music producer.
Robert W - Portland, OR
First of a kind, I can hear the steps they go through matches a professional producers.
CJ - Los Angeles, CA


What are sound filters?

Each filter is based on a different producer and their style of engineering. We take the sound and control it in the same way a producer does.

Are new filters released?

Yes. We work very hard to come out with quality filters. We work with producers, audio engineers, and music experts in creating new filters.

What is the quality of output files?

All our audio files are processed as WAV files. And the videos are high HD with WAV quality audio.

What is Core Audio Processing?

Every sound file goes through the audio core which sets the soundtracks volume to industry standards, fixes minor clipping, adjusts input volume, etc.